Piotr Liroy-Marzec
Rapper, producer, parliamentarian and activist for the legalization of marijuana - author of the medical marijuana law, which came into force in 2017. He successfully runs numerous businesses, also related to the cannabis market - his own brand of CBD premium products LiRoyal and the global hub of cannabis products President of the "Skuteczni" ("Effective") association, whose goal is to develop civic activity in the political and social sphere and to promote various local, regional and national initiatives.
Maciej Sagal
A successful businessman operating in Poland and abroad, specializing in broadly understood sales, as well as digitization and automation of enterprises. Many years of experience in business allows him to see prospective industries and invest in those with high potential. Founder and president of, and many other successful companies. Together with Piotr Liroy-Marzec, he created the website, which is a global platform bringing together entities from the cannabis industry.
Patryk Działkowski
He began his adventure with cannabis in 2014, and two years later he "formalized" this relationship by establishing the GoldGreen company, which soon became the largest player on the Polish cannabis market and one of the tycoons in the industry on a global scale. The constant expansion of knowledge and improvement in this field has made him an expert in the field of various extraction methods and further processing of cannabis extracts. Thanks to this and many years of experience, CBD products developed and manufactured at the Magnuszew factory are recognized on the markets in the USA, China and countries throughout Europe.